Original Builders works in the Dunwoody vicinity and here we feature a basement remodeling conversion that was one bigger space.  It had lots of changes. Look at the ceiling on the top picture and you will see the beam that exposes where the original wall was.

There was no bathroom so we installed a Sump Pump (also referred to as a Up Flush System) into the ground.  A minor detail that may not be completely visible in this New Bathroom Remodel is the light has an exhaust vent in it as seen in the next picture.

Dunwoody Bathroom Remodel in Basement with Custom Shower
New Bathroom was made in the Basement for this Dunwoody Remodel

The video review is a perfect reflection of how Original Builders operates, both in quality of work and in our relationships with our customers.  We desire to continue with this type of work and have you become our next featured presentation here on our website.

The sleeping area is just behind the staircase.  And in the second picture that follows we back into the Gym Area that has a wall in front of the staircase.  The door to the left leads to the sleeping area. And the third picture shows a different angle of the gym area where the door on the left leads to the bathroom.

Dunwoody Basement Remodel with sleeping area
Dunwoody Basement Remodel with Sleeping Area
Gym Area of Dunwoody Basement Remodel
Gym Area of Basement Remodel leads to staircase and sleeping area
Gym Area of Dunwoody Basement leads to Bathroom
Gym area leads to bathroom door on left

Sometimes it is hard to imagine how this all looked before we started the job.  In this next picture, we show the bathroom area with the steel columns that are still there inside the walls.  And the one after is before the walls were in place too. Can you visualize the entire room being completed?

Before Dunwoody Bathroom Remodel in Basement
Before the New Bathroom was made in this Dunwoody Basement Remodel
Before Dunwoody Basement Remodel Walls in place
Before the walls are in place for this Dunwoody Basement Remodel

Of course we much rather leave you with some final finished pictures to enjoy, one of the Bathroom Remodel and the other of the Basement Remodel Sleeping Area.

Dunwoody Bathroom Remodel finished
Finished Bathroom for Dunwoody Basement Remodel
 Dunwoody Basement Remodel finished
Finished Basement Remodel in Dunwoody

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