Original Builders traditionally works in the Dunwoody vicinity but occasionally works in Stone Mountain when we find the type of project that we like to do. Here we feature an upper scale Kitchen Remodel project in neighboring Stone Mountain that was perfect for our company to travel too.

Read the entire story as well as look at some Before Pictures towards the bottom of this page.  We decided to place them there so you can first enjoy the beautiful transformation our customer is enjoying.

Our project has a lot to talk about so we will begin by bringing your attention to the Butcher Block Walnut Wood for the center island countertop. And then you can look towards the top right of the image where we will show a closer image of a 1960 Style Refrigerator. This is one project where we have a lot to show off but it is best to hear directly from the customer how it was working with our company as well as a walk-through of the new kitchen remodel.

The video review is a perfect reflection of how Original Builders operates, both in quality of work and in our relationships with our customers. We desire to continue with this type of work and have you become our next featured presentation here on our website.

So let’s continue with more about this specific project beginning with a close up of the refrigerator from the top picture. Along with this unique look comes the custom floating shelves. The beam on top is there as part of us replacing the wall that used to be there.

Kitchen Remodel with Custom Floating Shelves
Custom Floating Shelves for Kitchen

Directly across from the refrigerator is this cooktop with a built-in custom hood and hood cabinet. Look carefully at the picture and focus on the details of the backsplash behind the cooktop. The patterns support the design of the stove. Then we take a few steps back to get a larger perspective of the cooktop as it relates to the entire kitchen.

Cooktop and Backsplash for New Kitchen
Cooktop and Backsplash
Cooktop Hood for New Kitchen
Cooktop Hood and larger Kitchen View

Now we move over to the other side of the kitchen where have a Double Oven Cabinet. There is a Quartz Countertop with a maintenance free finish that leads from the oven to then show the Kitchen Sink. Not just an ordinary sink, but rather it is an original refinished 1936 version. A quick note to mention to us whenever you call is, to tell us you know it was among the heaviest pieces of material in the kitchen.

Stone Mountain Kitchen with Double Oven Cabinet
Double Oven Cabinet and Quartz Countertop
Stone Mountain Kitchen with 1936 Sink
Stone Mountain Kitchen with 1936 Original Refinished Sink

Sometimes a picture speaks for itself like the next one. Absolutely a wonderful image of the kitchen. Take note of the Island Pendant Lights as well as the Radius Countertop.

Dunwoody Remodeler installs lights and countertop
Island Pendant Lights & Radius Countertop

The dining room highlights that there was a wall before and you would not see the kitchen from this angle.

Dining Room leads to new Kitchen Remodel
Open floor plan dining room leads to Kitchen

We also did a little work from the upstairs leading to the main floor. In the following two pictures you will see the new Rails, Post and Baluster (better seen in the 2nd picture). So in addition to this wonderful kitchen remodel and dining room remodel, we also reframed the staircase since it was not up to code and we made it completely new. The old carpeting had to go too.

Dunwoody contractor remodels Stone Mountain staircase
New remodeled staircase
Stone Mountain remodeled staircase
Remodeled staircase with new rails, post and baluster

We then finished the Living Room to match the rest of the house.

Stone Mountain Living Room Remodel
Living room finished to match rest of remodeling project

So now are some of the original before pictures to see how much work went into the entire transformation.

Before Dunwoody Contractor Remodels Stone Mountain Kitchen 1
Before kitchen remodel in Stone Mountain
Before Dunwoody Contractor Remodels Stone Mountain Kitchen 2
Before kitchen remodel with new cooktop
Before Dunwoody Contractor Remodels Stone Mountain Kitchen 3
Before contractor remodeled staircase
Before Dunwoody Contractor Remodels Stone Mountain Kitchen 4
Before kitchen remodel led to dining room
Before Dunwoody Contractor Remodels Stone Mountain Kitchen 5
Before dining room remodel led to kitchen
Before Dunwoody Contractor created Stone Mountain kitchen radius

But of course we can not leave you with those Before Images in mind. So let’s quickly jump back to how the homeowner is enjoying their new Stone Mountain Kitchen Remodel as seen next.

Stone Mountain Kitchen Remodel by Dunwoody Contractor
Finished Stone Mountain kitchen remodel by Dunwoody contractor

Please contact Original Builders to discuss us becoming your next Dunwoody or Stone Mountain Kitchen Remodeling Contractor.